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Vietnam Veteran Getting Much Needed Help
They say they can still put a prosthesis, cut me right here, prosthesis. And I could still walk," says Garcia. Garcia is getting help by way of a fellow veteran. "I think it's the least we can do for some of these guys that do so much that did so much," says Fred Rendon Jr. Rendon heads up Special Assistance for Veterans Endeavors (SAVE). He stepped in after Garcia's sister called and asked for help.Rendon...

It is my paramount desire to spread the word to as many people as possible about PTSD and how to combat it. I focus primarily on veterans because I suffered with PTSD from the point of view of a veteran involved in war. I lived a very miserable life consisting of thoughts of suicide and death of family members and friends. Depression anxiety anger self loathing isolation total lack of self esteem are some of the constant thoughts.

My life seems to have slipped by, while I though I was living, not giving thought to the events which were occurring every day. Not comprehending that as I was waiting for time to elapse my days were disappearing into yesterday. 

Living as thought I had all the time in the universe. How was it possible that the obituaries I read on occasion would elapse into the names of friends and contemporaries. As close friends began to succumb to illness derived from the likes of Agent Orange. Some taking their own lives so as to avoid the roller coaster of good days and days where suicide is waiting with open arms. Beckoning for those who are weary and heavy laden. As if to invite us to a grand resting place where depression, anxiety, sadness, and negative thoughts have to be left outside not to have welcome entry into these souls who have paid the price of freedom. 

Life is but a whisper in a hurricane. A grain of sand on a beach.
Embrace your days which eventually will equal your life. Make good memories as they are what our lives are built on.🌹


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