The Mission Statement

It is my paramount desire to spread the word to as many people as possible about PTSD and how to combat it. I focus primarily on veterans because I suffered with  PTSD from the point of view of a veteran involved in war. I lived a very miserable life consisting of thoughts of suicide and death of family members and friends. Depression anxiety anger self loathing isolation total lack of self esteem are some of the constant thoughts. Everyday was chaotic for me and who ever was around me. I would not want any one in this world to live the life I lived and so many veterans currently live. There is a way to live a life filled with normal joy and peace. It  is my passion for anyone suffering the way I did to lead them to a better life.

Some Veterans Given Runaround at Board of Veterans Appeals and Court of Veterans Appeals 

In a recent oral argument at the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts expressed shock at the government’s admission that in litigating with veterans about their benefits, VA routinely takes a position that is unjustified. In other words, the government sometimes makes veterans jump through unnecessary hoops to obtain benefits to which they are entitled by virtue of their service. The exchange between the Chief Justice and the government lawyer is remarkable:

            Chief Justice Roberts: Well, that’s really startling, isn’t it? In litigating with veterans, the government more often than not takes a position that is substantially unjustified?

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